Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Add to .cvsignore" dialog

It seemed to be an easy to fix bug. We just wanted to prevent a user from adding a filename with spaces to a .cvsignore file. A suggestion was to use a custom pattern with '?' instead of all the spaces. At the same time I decided to dust the dialog off a little bit. To achieve that I thought it would be a good idea to get some information about Eclipse UI Guidelines. This is when the fun started.

Here are the guidelines applied to the dialog, most of them are citations taken from Top Ten Eclipse UI Guidelines.
  • Offer mnemonics
  • Use proper margins size
  • Use single quotes for all references to element names embedded in text (Properties for 'Test')
  • Dialog title should use headline style capitalization
  • Dialog title should relate to the action that brought up the dialog ('Apply Patch', 'Package Selection')
  • Dialog title should be short and unique so they can be referred by in bug reports / documentation
  • When visible for the first time always set a focus field
  • When visible for the first time don't show an error until the user made the first modification
Other pages related to Eclipse UI guidelines/best practices:
So as you can see what seemed to be an easy bug became something a little bit more... time consuming. Anyway let's see the result. This is how the dialog looked before (it's ugly, isn't?):

and this is how it looks now:

I hope you'll like it's new appearance as much as I do. Those little things can really make you happy and proud.

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