Monday, September 3, 2007

The Beginning

Today is the day. We agreed that we should start our own blog. The only problem was (excluding choosing a nice template) picking the blog's name to register. We had plenty of ideas. Just to mention few of them:
  • Soldats of Eclipse
  • Eclipse Troops
  • Workspace Eclipse Team (WET)
  • Polish Eclipse Team (PET)
  • Eclipse Clan
  • Polishing Eclipse
  • Polishin Eclipse aka Polish in Eclipse
Finally, we decided to pick one of the last two, but we couldn't decide which one should it be. Tomek's pick was "Polishing Eclipse" and my favourite was "Polishin' Eclipse". Krzysztof liked both of them or simply couldn't make up his mind. We will never know :) Anyways, there is only one way out from such a situation - a duel. Only a deathmatch could help us here. And when we're talking about a deathmatch, Soldat is the only choice.

Wait for 5 minutes...

As you can see on the movie, I won (YEAH). So, I am glad to inform that you are on the right page and since now this is the official blog of our team.

And at the end I would like to thank Tomek who actually is the author of the post and I modified it only a bit ;-)

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