Friday, September 14, 2007

Mylyn Task list organization

I am a big fan of Mylyn. I've been using it to organize my tasks for a long time, but today I reconfigured my Task List completely.

I am a member of Workspace team, so the bugs I am playing with are from these 4 components: Resources, Team, CVS and Compare. This also determines that I work with at least two workspaces: one with Resources projects, one for projects for the other 3 components. Each workspace has a separate Task List attached.

Resources workspace:
  • Resources - Mine
  • Resources Queries - New Bugs**
TEAM* workspace:
  • Compare - Mine
  • CVS - Mine
  • Team - Mine
  • Compare Queries - New Bugs**
  • CVS Queries - New Bugs**
  • Team Queries - New Bugs**
* TEAM is the term I'm using to name Team, CVS and Compare components all together.
** These queries are taken from here. I made them using "Create query from existing URL" option.

This is how I've got my new task list organized in the TEAM workspace:
  • TEAM - New Bugs
  • TEAM - Mine for 3.3.1
  • TEAM - Mine for 3.4
  • TEAM - Mine for 3.4 M1
  • TEAM - Mine for 3.4 M2
  • TEAM - Mine for 3.4 M3
  • TEAM - Mine for 3.4 M4
  • and so on
I will do the same with the Resources workspace task list as soon as I get some more bugs to fix from this component (no need to hurry).

As you can see I rebuilt my task list from a component-oriented to a milestone-oriented. The only thing I'm missing is "Target on Milestone" switch, an equivalent of current "Focus on Workweek". On second thought I figured out that I could use the "Go Into" but decided to stay "on top" and have a wider view on all my tasks.

I'm wondering how you guys organize your task list. I'm aware that my idea is not a rocket science, but I'm pretty sure that one can organize the Task List in many flavors. Anyway, as you've probably already noticed this post is all about showing you how cool is Mylyn. If you haven't tried it yet, please do.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Priority of content types

Today I found an interesting thing about the content types in Eclipse.

Yesterday I was trying to fix Bug 198544. I went the wrong way trying to fix the issue due to the reporter's hint. Looked good...

Today I found that the priority is respected indeed, but as a second criteria. Those who are interested in the case should look at org.eclipse.core.internal.content.ContentTypeCatalog class in org.eclipse.core.contenttype project.