Monday, November 24, 2008

New proxy settings UI

This is my first post to this blog. I've been in the Workspace team for a few months but didn't have anything to show... until now:) I've just finished work on the UI part of the proxy support redesign.

The new UI aims at complains about the proxy support in Eclipse. First of all you can see settings that are pulled from the OS. They can be obtained from Windows IE setting, Linux environment variables or GNOME settings.

It also makes changes necessary to provide an extension point for supplying custom proxy providers. We plan to add such an extension point in the future. IMO this will be the best feature of it, at least the coolest one.

If you want to play with it simply download the latest build and go to Window > Preferences > General > Network Connections. Any bugs are welcome. I mean any valid ones;)


Eugene Kuleshov said...

It is ironic, that new UI look amost like my original UI mockup [1] then version argued to be more intuitive [2] that went to Eclipse 3.3.


MiLKA said...
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MiLKA said...

Is there will be an ability to use old properties page? (sorry for double post)

Pawel said...

Eugene, you are right, the new UI looks similar to your proposition in a way. As the time has shown using a table was more extendible approach. Lack of extendibility wasn't a problem with 3.3 but when native settings had to be visualized it became obvious.

Pawel said...

Milka, the old UI has been dropped.