Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Orion Hackathon in Krakow

Last weekend Krakow (Poland) hosted Orion Hackathon. It started on Friday afternoon and ended on Sunday around 4pm. You can find the summary and pictures from the event here.

Below you can find some stats:
  • over 30 participants working in 15 teams
  • 1 day of introductory talks by devs from IBM/Orion (Ken Walker, Gosia Janczarska, Szymon Brandys) and Google Developers Group (Dawid OstrowskiKonrad Malawski, Lukasz Dubiel, Michal Jedrzejas)
  • 2 days of hacking
  • final projects submitted by half of hacking teams
It was also a very good opportunity to collect feedback both positive and negative.

See what one of the biggest newspapers in Poland wrote about us (they have a web version too). I hope Google Translator will translate it for you ;)

I hope we will have more such events soon and for sure I will try to gather people again and hack with Orion next year. Of course I encourage others to organize such events and I offer my help in organizing :)